Handmade Pro Audio Gear

We craft gear, you craft sound.

Legend Revived

HVC250 Stereo 5-Band Parametric EQ - A tribute to the legendary Sontec MEP-250 equalizer. Elevate your mix to 10/10.

1178 in 2024

1178 Stereo Peak Limiter - Onboard MS-LR switch. 100% replication of UREI 1178's signal processing chain.

500 Series

Customise to suit your studio style.
Switch knobs & panel board with our online customiser.
Custom panel design available upon request.

Knobs, Meters, and Transformers

We are proud to make a lot of parts by ourselves. You can buy them separately.

From Studio, to Studio.

Each and every of our gears comes to solve the problems in studio. Each and every gear has been tested and applied by brilliant minds in studios around the world, to over 100 tracks.

We as part of the pro audio user community aspire to those classical, vintage gears, yet it would be day-dreaming for most people to keep one. Meanwhile, we increasingly realise it takes more than the original 1176 or even 670 to fulfill the ever-changing needs of today's production. That led to a 5-year development before the debut of our early releases. We've got both the rebirth of legendary models and something totally new. They have been helping us, our clients, and our engineer community. They are entitled to show up in many more studios for works that people appreciate today.

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