HVC250 Stereo 5-Band Parametric EQ

Legend Revive All-discrete Customisable 56V Linear PSU Stereo
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HVC250 is a tribute to the legendary Sontec MEP-250 equalizer. It took 5 years to redesign the circuits, to eventually produce many parts in house, to handbuild the machine, as well as to test with 100+ commercial projects.
We find ourselves using the HVC250 more often than any other EQ in the studio, thanks to how easy it is to deliver a satisfying and natural result, which doesn't sound engineered at all.
Regardless of its root in the great analog fashion, the HVC250 is an EQ that every studio needs.
  • Classic Sontec 250 design.
  • All-discrete analog circuit.
  • Clean & natural sounding.
  • 5 true parallel bands on each channel.
  • 56V linear power supply.
  • Customiser available.
  • 6 dB version available in customiser.
  • Worldwide free shipping
  • 5-year warranty
  • 14-day tryout & satisfaction guarantee
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Elevate your mix to a 10/10.

Hear it in action.

Mix 2
Acoustic guitar

Did anyone say ANALOG?

HVC250 is built in the expensive way. The 14 independent high-voltage opamps inside outperform the traditional IC opamps at bandwidth and dynamics. The electric components are made by Nikon, Motorola, Philips, and ON. The all-discrete circuit boards preserve the beauty of analog equipment, while this modern-day design makes it possible to stay clean at the output.

As powerful as a tank

A 56V high-voltage linear power supply unit is essential to HVC250's solid, detailed, clear, and spacious sound quality. It helps handle a higher dynamic range, offers more headroom, and reduces noise effectively. While others are drifting away, we stick to this time-tested solution with even extra expense on a more effective cooling system.

Effective and fun

Each independent band offers a range of ±12dB (hardware maximum at ±16dB) and comes with its own bypass. They highly overlap each other. With Q between 0.6 and 4, you could perform surgical tricks on any track. With shelf option at air and sub bands, you can do the high & low stuff which is inherited well from its ancestor. Despite having a variety of options, users tend to feel engaged and are able get lovely sound within a few tweaks.

Handcrafted & verified by human, for human.

Before it gets shipped, 2 real mixing engineers will test it and sign their names, so will every craftsman who participated in the making. Boutique-grade craftsmanship makes no effort in producing many.

Customise to suit your studio style.
Switch knobs & panel board with our online customiser.
Custom panel design available upon request.

It's a "ZEN"

"Zen" as opposed to "Hit" is our sonic design philosophy for those on the clean side. It is a nourishing vibe that is juicy and satisfying to all ears.

14-day tryout & satisfaction guarantee

With all the hopes that you would be happy with our product, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it to us for a full refund. You have 14 days to try out the unit after receiving your item to request a return. Read our refund policy for more details.


Frequency range
15Hz - 25kHz
left: -97.092 dBV
right: -96.021 dBV
Form factor
2 channels, 5 bands: fully parametric
15Hz - 800Hz
Q: 0.67 - 4 or shelf
12dB boost/cut
LMF 15Hz - 800Hz
Q: 0.67 - 4, 12dB
MF 160Hz - 8kHz
Q: 0.67 - 4
12dB boost/cut
HMF 450Hz - 25kHz
Q: 0.67 - 4
12dB boost/cut
HF 450Hz - 25kHz
Q: 0.67 - 4 or shelf
12dB boost/cut
Distortion (left & right channel off) 0.0008%
Distortion (left & right channel on) 0.0015% (20-20kHz)
Chassis size (H×W×D) 13'3" (404mm) × 8'4.1" (254mm) × 4'3.2" (130mm)
Panel Size (H×W) 15'10" (483mm) × 4'4.2" (133mm)
Voltage Selector 110V, 220V


Last updated: 02/06/2024


Owner's Manual

HVC250 Owner's Manual (EN).V1.0

Setup Sheet

HVC250 Set Up Sheet

Demo Audio

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Customer Reviews

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Jo Black
A Great Brand

Support & Beyond
I wasn't thinking too seriously about it, but they are very approachable and knowledgeable. Got some real advice on practical uses of their gear. Shipping was quick enough, and they also refunded my UK import duty without delay. I appreciate the signatures on the quality assurance tag.

Sound Quality
On its own, I say it is solid. The only time it might sound processed is during a sharp sweep. Otherwise, it always sounds good depending on how you want the track to sound. Compared with other EQs, this one is more about liveliness (if you have to describe a clean EQ). I particularly like the high-end as it stays round and juicy. It gives you what an EQ is supposed to accomplish and that alone justifies the price tag, not to mention the fact that it's miles ahead of those that sound nothing but dull and boring.

There’s not too much to talk about as it’s very straightforward and intuitive. The detents and smoothness of the knobs feel expensive.

It’s clear how much effort they’ve spent on every aspect of their product. Not just the HVC250, but everything.

Adam Joel
Just as I thought there'd be no surprises from an EQ...

I happened to learn about Z&H Designs long before they opened for business. I was visiting a friend who was helping them develop the HVC250. Got a chance to try a prototype and was immediately fascinated.

I saw a giant white monster on his rack and casually fiddled around with it on a project we were working on. I started with the high and low shelf, and it was spot on. Then, I went further and tried bringing up the snare and vocals. It was enticing. Even though I had used SPL, Elysia, and some other more expensive EQs, the HVC250 handled it in its own unique way. I was just surprised to learn that an old design of Sontec is still very much relevant today.

So, in the end, I was lucky enough to be given a small discount as an acquaintance. It’s now my go-to EQ. Would love to try the mastering version later!

Gale Walker
Overall great, could use some more functionality

Nothing to complain about with the sound quality. It's one of the best-sounding EQs out there, no doubt. But there's a bit of inconsistency with how the functionality is set up compared to the Z&H 1178. The hvc250 is very minimal, and I don't see the same initiative they had when designing the new 1178, which was to improve a vintage design for modern productions. Specifically, I'd welcome a mid-side processor. If you don't need the extra functionality, the current version of the hvc250 is perfect for you.

Skyler Phillips
I love the colorful panel, but sound is the fundamental

Customization is something most companies should offer, but I'm finally seeing it here, and it's incredible! I loved that, but it was the sound that truly blew me away. You don't usually look for "characteristics" in an EQ, but a good company can still define its specialty. And in Z&H's case, the high frequencies is exceptionally good. It feels like crystal without being harsh - liquid crystal! The mid range is just a wonderful playground where you can't go wrong. I can totally imagine the low frequencies being used a lot in many genres.

By the way, I actually sent a couple of tracks to them and got two processed tracks back before I even made the purchase.

Cameron Kaur
Admirable craftsmanship

Opened up the machine right after a brief test. I already knew how it sounds with all the demos they put up, including a careful inspection of the .wav files. I needed to see with my own eyes how they handled the ironing and soldering.

And it did live up to their description. Every piece was assembled by hand with great precision. I wonder why they don't talk about "Boutique" more often, even though anyone into DIY would have no problem saying that.

I'll be more interested in the spare parts they sell. The EQ is a keep for sure.